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 General Forum Rules

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PostSubject: General Forum Rules   Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:02 pm

Everyone is subject to these rules, whether they read them or not. Breaking them will result in a warning. Repeated breaking of rules will result in your posts being moderated, or being banned from the boards.

We will add short notes at the bottom of 'problem' posts to indicate that members have been contacted, or other similar things. This way moderators can easily see what's being dealt with by whom, and members can see that action is being taken.

The Rules
1. We welcome every TVD fan here, so please respect on another regaurdless of person taste.

2. NO FLAMING. The biggest rule there is. Please be nice to each other, and think about what you type before you hit the 'submit' button.

3. Episode download/streaming links can only be posted on the forum if they are from CW's own site (or official sites of international broadcasters, such as CTV and ITV), Amazon or iTunes. Other links should stay off the forums and in private messages.

4. No bashing of real people. You can criticise someone's work but don't make any hurtful personal comments. Constructive criticism is good, bashing is not.

5.No trolling.

6. You may only advertise your websites in your signatures and in the 'Promote Your Website' forum. The only exception to this is if it is relevant to the discussion in a thread. Any self-promotion in a post that has no reason to be there will be removed.

7.Please post a warning if a post or topic contains content or offsite links that may be NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or MA content.

8. Don't put several posts in a row on one thread, edit your first post to add something instead. If a day or so has passed or you're making a completely different point a little later, then two posts in a row is fine.

9. No post bumping. This means no adding pointless comments to your own topics to bump them higher up, and no double-posting messages to get yours at the top of the next page just because it happens to be at the bottom of the previous.

10. Please limit the use of flashing gifs and text and also colored text; not only is it difficult to read, it can trigger issues for some of our members with health concerns while also slowing the loading of the pages.

11. No multiple accounts. Multiple accounts will be banned. If you have problems signing in, don't sign up for another account, please contact us (will add a contact us page) for help.

12. Please don't post just to say 'I agree with this'. It's a waste of space. All posts should contribute to and aid discussion somehow.

13. If possible, try to edit quoted posts and oversized pictures so you're just quoting the paragraphs you're referring to; it makes the conversation easier to follow and means less scrolling through unnecessary text and pictures.

14.Don't drop spoilers in places where people who haven't seen the most recent episode can see them. Use the spoiler block, especially in the following areas:
- Relationship discussion
- General discussion forum
- Character discussion
- Book information should ALWAYS be spoiler blocked except in the book forum.

15. When you're posting articles from other sites, please don't post the ENTIRE article. It's bad netiquette. The journalists need site hits on their articles so quote a relevant section of the article and then provide the link to the rest of the article.

16. Images posted to the forums must be a maximum of 600 pixels wide.

17. Use proper text case. TYPING ALL IN CAPS IS RUDE so use caps sparingly. The same goes for large, bold text.

18. Please keep swearing to a minimum. Everyone should feel comfortable posting here and there are usually less abrasive ways to express your excitement/anger. Some swear words are filtered automatically and replaced. Please DO NOT use images with swearing in them.

19. Respect what the mods have to say. Their word is law. If you have a problem with a mod decision, DO NOT raise it on public threads, PM the mods about it.
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General Forum Rules
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