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 Your Favorite Episodes?

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Vamp Elena
Vamp Elena

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Your Favorite Episodes? Empty
PostSubject: Your Favorite Episodes?   Your Favorite Episodes? EmptyWed Oct 24, 2012 1:24 pm

For each season, what has been your favorite episode, and why?

Season 1: Founder's Day
This is probably my favorite episode across all seasons. What a finale! So much going on, and all the cast got to play a part in it. Also, this is perhaps the biggest cliffhanger I've ever seen on TV.

Season 2: Masquerade
I really enjoyed watching the Mystic Falls Scooby Gang all working together to take down Katherine (we need more of this teamwork!). And the Katherine-Damon-Stefan banter was really entertaining.

Season 3: Ordinary People
One of the things I really enjoy in TVD is the mythology, and this episode had plenty of it. It was really great to learn about the origin of vampires.

Season 4: too early to tell, but I LOVED Memorial, and can only hope there will be many more episodes as good as this one.
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Your Favorite Episodes? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Your Favorite Episodes?   Your Favorite Episodes? EmptyWed Oct 24, 2012 1:59 pm

Season 1:
I will have to say Founder's Day as well. It was just a great episode, overall. I had never read or heard of the books at this time, so the Tyler thing was like a WTF moment for me. Anna dying, I didn't expect that. The mayor as well. Katherine. It was just so many surprises, gasps, and oh my moments. I loved it.

Season 2:
The Last Dance, is probably my overall favorite of the series so far. It was so touching and so Bonnie-centric, I loved it. The Bamon dance and scenes :heart:This season is my favorite, so far, so I have a couple honorable mentions. Plan B, I liked Mason and hate he died so soon on the show. Bamon banter was cute,Caroline and Bonnie became friends again, and Elena was out of the loop. She was so annoying this episode though. Also, Masquerade, again Elena was out of the loop. It was a lot happening, Tyler became a werewolf, Bonnie met a relative, they were all working together and I love when they do that.

Season 3:
This is harder for me because season 3 is my least favorite season. I would probably say The Reckoning. It was exciting. Stefan going full on Ripper, but trying to fight it for Elena's sake. Bonnie rushing to saving the day (as usual) Tyler becoming a hybrid. I like most episodes that have all of the main cast in them, and this one did just that.
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Your Favorite Episodes?
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